Our Top 10 Movies of 2015

It’s that time again.  Lolling bloated on the sofa in a fuzzy state of Christmas perma-drunk, we descend into paranoia and self loathing, realising another year has passed and we’ve still not repainted the downstairs loo. But that’s OK, for instead you spent your spare time expanding your mind with the excellent movie selections 2015 had to offer. You DIDN’T just take your mum to see Spectre and promise you’d catch the rest on DVD now, DID YOU???  So let’s stir ourselves out of our stupor with a look back at this year’s finest. Here are The Sloth’s favourites. What were yours?


Kingsman_The_Secret_Service_poster10) Kingsman: The Secret Service       99% of the world went to see the aforementioned Spectre. They should have seen Kingsman instead. Colin Firth as a kick-ass, action hero super-spy? Taron Egerton as his chippy, teenage sidekick? Yes please. A smart, sassy tonne of fun from start to finish, this is a sharp reminder movies are primarily meant to ENTERTAIN.







9) White God          It’s 1) crazily disturbing and 2) features a cast of over one hundred doggies, so White God could not be more up The Sloth’s street. Not one for the fainthearted, it won its canine stars Canne’s hugely coveted Palm Dog, proving you absolutely should work with children and animals.






8) Carol    So polished and dreamily beautiful it barely seems real, Carol has the critics falling over themselves to declare it a ‘masterpiece’. With fabulous performances from Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, it also nails The Bechdel Test. Good work, ladies.






7) Amy    The most successful documentary of all time at the UK box office, Amy is a fitting tribute to its tragic subject that neither idolises nor condones her. With painfully intimate footage of some of her darker days, it’s as much a warning against the pressures of fame and the media.






6) Ex Machina      ‘Sci-Fi’ runs a close second to ‘Movies Featuring Dogs’ on The Sloth’s all-time cinematic wishlist. Ex Machina is a cracking example of the genre. Smart, thought provoking and full of dystopian dread, it deservedly cleaned up at the British Independent Film Awards.






5) Love & Mercy    An innovative biopic of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, Love & Mercy saw Paul Dano give a remarkable performance, singing all of Wilson’s songs himself. A must for music lovers, it’ll have you listening to Pet Sounds with entirely new reverence.






4) While We’re Young         Far and away the best comedy of the year, While We’re Young skewers the ignominious descent into middle age in a way is both laugh out loud hilarious and painfully close to the bone. An instant classic.




x + y



3) X + Y               A comedy about autism might not sound the best idea. X+Y totally pulls it off. A small British gem of a film, it hits the perfect balance of humour and emotion while maintaining the utmost respect for its subject. If you haven’t come across it, seek it out.



45 years



2) 45 Years          Currently hoovering up every acting award going, 45 Years is one of the most heartbreaking films you are ever likely to see. A devastating portrait of a marriage in crisis, stars Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay are a reminder that cinema is nothing without the talent of its performers.






1) 99 Homes         Who’s up for a movie about the US mortgage crisis? Stop rolling your eyes at the back.  Part thriller, part Shakespearean drama, trust us when we say 99 Homes is an absolute cracker.  A hugely intelligent, gripping tale of human greed and corruption, with stellar performances and an almost literary script, it grabbed us from the word go.


Put down the paintbrush, the downstairs loo can wait. Get back on that sofa and grab a DVD, you’ve screening work to do.

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