5 Creepy Movie Characters

The Sloth didn’t sleep well last night.  Something went bump at 1.30am, waking us in panic. We grabbed the nearest improvised weapon to hand (a wooden puppet with a wobbly head – admittedly of limited use, but we’d left our Kalashnikov in the garage) and crept downstairs, ruing the fact our phone was out of charge.

The reason for our terror? We’d been watching The Fall pre-bedtime so were convinced a balaclavaed Jamie Dornan was sniffing our pants in the kitchen.  An interesting image for two reasons i) such an image could as easily apply to Mr Dornan’s upcoming turn as Christian Grey in 50 Shades – clearly not a man afraid of typecasting and ii) it highlighted a proliferation of unsavoury types currently parading across our screens. From Dornan’s own personal Gallery of Miscreants to Jake Gyllenhaal’s skin-crawling Nightcrawler, Louis Bloom; to Rosamund Pike’s Amazing Amy, whose morals and sanity have long Gone Girl, we’re loving Hollywood’s current turn to The Dark Side. Here are 5 more memorable movie creepsters from the past.

one hour1) Seymour Parrish, One Hour Photo. The much missed Robin Williams is primarily remembered for his services to comedy, but The Sloth most admired his turn as an obsessive stalker preying on a suburban family. It’s always the quiet ones…




2) Anton Chigurh, No Country For Old Men. King of the bad haircut, Javier Bardem’s uber-villain simply has to stand and stare with his bolt gun and a thousand shivers run down a thousand spines. A technique partially reprised later for his white fright-wigged Silva in Skyfall.


dennis3) Frank Booth, Blue Velvet. Were we a lazy Sloth (oh, IRONY!) we could simply list 5 David Lynch films and leave this post there. But we’re not, so we’ll nominate Dennis Hopper’s gas mask wearing psychopath as a sadistically disturbed highlight.



tom_cruise_hair_smile_respect_magnolia_film4) Frank T McCay, Magnolia. Creepsters don’t always hide their light under a bushel. In arguably his best ever performance, Tom Cruise’s megalomaniac, misogynistic self-help guru dispensing seminars of ladykilling ‘advice’ to wannabe pick-up artists becomes even more disturbing after recent news stories surrounding Julien Blanc.


Frank5) Frank, Donnie Darko. (NB Are you sensing some kind of pattern emerging? No? Just us?)  Frankly (there it is again…), the entire film is essentially one long, surreal nightmare, but the intermittent, hallucinogenic images of Frank (gaahhh!!!!) the pyscho-bunny should come with a government mental health warning. Watch at your sanity’s peril.

Who are your favourite creepsters? Let us know.

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